How To Motivate Your Employees And Increase Productivity

When it comes to your employees’ motivation, you have to be very alert. Poorly motivated people do not perform well. You can tell when your employees are sad and unproductive by their poor performance. For instance, some workers can say they are not treated like other employees in the workplace. Also, poor leadership can make the working environment undesirable. You need to reward fairly and promote them regularly. Many of these issues can make your sales to go down- it can even mean you close the company. You, therefore, have to ensure that your employees are always motivated. However, if there are causes for disengagements, you need to solve them early before it affects their productivity. This means letting them work as a team. Here are some of the ways you can ensure your employees are always motivated.

Let Them Advance Studies

You should find various ways on how to develop new expertise. This will lead to career development. You can enroll them to either safety or technical training so that they will not become redundant. If you do not do it, someone else will. They should be taken through programs which will give them new knowledge and skills regularly. The importance of acquiring new knowledge and skills is to ensure that you have a large enough talent pool.

Regular and Unbiased Promotion

You should recognise and acknowledge the achievements of workers. Promotion is the best incentive to motivate your employees. It should be predictable and based on merit alone. Moreover, if your worker has done very well in a particular field, promotion should be the results.

Plan for an Outing

You will realise that employees need recognition and appreciation. You need to make them feel special. A party can do wonders as far as motivation is concerned. If workers have devoted their time in a given project, they naturally deserve appreciation. Parties are done to celebrate achievements by the organisation as a whole but they can also be used to motivate workers. The best time to thank and appreciate the workers is during the party.

Organise an Exciting Game  

Games are known to motivate people very well. If you organise tournaments for physical games like volleyball and soccer, workers will bond and develop healthy competition. Mental games like chess will sharpen their mental capabilities while escape room game will challenge their minds and bodies. These games trigger innovation and curiosity. These two characters are necessary for continued high levels of motivation.


Your employees can never be as motivated as you are. They are interested primarily on their remuneration. However, you need to motivate them to ensure work is done property. Escape room games are pretty famous nowadays. You can find them all about the city. Other games can be played on the company premises. You can also encourage them to further their studies because a happy employee is a productive one. There are many ways to motivate your staff, but the most crucial thing is to remember that you are doing everything to increase the productivity of the firm.

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