When Should You Start Letting Your Child Pick Up Music

Regardless of the instrument type that you or your child has been considering to take up, you need to understand if you have the ability to still learn the instrument.

Moreover, age plays a part when it comes to learning or even mastering something that is completely new. Even though it’s never too late to start learning a new skill there are certain ages where we are more receptive to new things.

According to recent studies, a child can develop their musical sensibility to a maximum between birth and age nine. Given that you also think about what kind of instrument you take up at what age, as certain instruments need different kind of motor skills which are only fully developed at different ages.

Getting your newborn child or 2-year old to be enrolled in a piano lesson for beginners-class can be rather tough. In fact, you don’t necessarily have to do that as you could simply just expose them to piano music and the instrument itself.

Below, we have a list of guidelines of what exposure to music you should give your child at certain ages.

Age 0-2

Listen to kids’ songs that can be found on the internet. Sing-a-long and dance to the cute beats. Percussion kind of instruments is great to experiment with at this age.

A colourful Xylophone, tambourine, maracas, triangle or drums is so much fun to beat and smash. Make “Wow” noises when you play these percussions together and you can make music and making sounds fun.

Age 3-4

Introduce different kinds of instruments to your child. Let them test and touch a piano, a guitar set and a drum set. If you have trumpets, flutes and other instruments laying around you could let them experiment with them as well.

Let these instruments pique their interest and from here on, you could roughly see which instrument type appeals to your child best.

Age 4-6

This is the perfect time to enrol your child in piano lessons for kids. As they are most receptive at this age for piano. Introduce them to different music genres.

Slow and fast-paced, high- and low-pitched music. Let them identify the different kinds.

Age 7-9

With the many different guitar types – you have to check in with your child’s capability first. Typically, an acoustic guitar would be much easier to start as compared to an electric guitar.

But for you to really see if they have the means of mastering this instrument, its best to have them try guitar lessons for kids. You will soon see if your child has an interest and talent in playing musical instruments like the guitar in particular.

Age 7 and up

Once your child has grown a bit more and hand-eye coordination has developed – you can start having them take drum lessons for kids. It may not be the fastest route but its definitely a start.

Other key aspects to keep in mind is their physical development, maturity level and academic skills – all this together are essential in making sure that you have the ability to fully master drumming.

As previously stated, you are never too old to start learning a musical instrument, but it is vital to nurture a healthy and interesting relationship towards music at a very young age.

So, don’t be afraid to explore different instruments– you’ll soon find one that you will be enchanted by.

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