Can Music Lessons Positively Affect Child Development?

It has been proven time and time again that music has such a big influence on our lives. Music can bring back a fond memory or spark up an idea. It encourages and empowers; it builds bridges and tells stories. It can bring a crowd together and overcome any diversity.

This is why it is of the utmost importance that we introduce our children to the beauty and freedom that both music and music lessons can give in order for them to have a rich and bright future.

Below, is a list of a few advantages music lessons can give your child.

Culture appreciation

Music is very diverse from Jazz and Hip-Hop to Classic and Heavy metal.

Each music genre has a background and a rich history. If your child decides to take up a music class, they will be exposed to a huge variety of different styles and backgrounds – teaching them about different cultures and cultural traditions and how music is incorporated into each of them.

Develop motor skills

Using their fingers to press guitar chords or stretching their fingers to move quickly from one side of the piano to the other helps to develop hand-eye coordination and other motor skills.

If this comes off as a challenge – fret not. Piano lessons in Singapore are always available in helping you out. From teaching you the very basics of reading musical scores to playing with your fingertips, you can easily master the art of playing the piano effortlessly.

Encourages self-expression

The best artists in our lifetime are those who can express themselves.

You’ve heard many famous musicians state that their music is an expression of their emotions. They heal through music, laugh through music and find peace through music. If your child struggles to cope with anything stressful in their life, music can be the medium they use to express things that they can’t in words.

Improves memory

Every musician will know that you have to study and memorize notes, beats and cues in order for your musical piece to sound amazing. Children will practice their memory bone when reciting over and over again.

When it comes to an instrument, there will usually be a piece of sheet music that you have to read. A guitar, in particular, is not just about strumming the strings – you will have to probably take up guitar lessons if you truly want to master its beauty completely.

Builds self-esteem

The feeling of accomplishment is great when after months of practice your child can finally play a song without making any mistakes during the music lesson.

Not only will they be delighted with their progress, but even simple praise from yourself will serve as an excellent way in helping them build their self-confidence.

Enforces discipline and patience

When a child has to put in practice time during the week to be able to play the song at the next music lesson, it teaches them discipline. When they have to practice it over and over again because they keep on making mistakes it teaches them patience.

Applying discipline, hard work and patience will eventually pay off when they perform in front of a big crowd at the end of the year at their annual musical performance.

There are just too many advantages when it comes to the perks of a music lesson. And signing your child up for them will help them grow.

Whether your child is interested in drum lessons or guitar lessons – it doesn’t matter. The end goal is to get your child to learn something they like and have them not only pick up a brand new skill but to also enjoy the other benefits that come with each music lesson.

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