What Does The Marina Bay Sands Area Have To Offer?

It looks like a celestial surfing program or a spaceship that dives on a tripod. No matter where your imagination goes, Skypark Marina Bay Sands Rooftop is a great engineering sport. Designed by visual architect Moshe Safdie, the Skypak floats on the high towers of Marina Beach.

Huge observation deck:

The gravity purification platform is one of the largest in the world. The Skypark extends 1.2 hectares beyond the Eiffel Tower and is large enough to park A380 Jumbo aircraft. Ticket observation platform, lush gardens, conical restaurants and exclusive pool on the edge with a spectacular view. The 150-meter pool, the tallest body of water in the outside world, was designed with a lush edge. It is as if there is nothing between the swimmer and the skyscrapers ahead.

Swimmers feel they are swimming in the clouds, lying so high in the sky with the most spectacular scenery at their feet. However, only hotel guests can swim in the pool and enter the SkyPark for free.

Incredible views:

Visitors not staying at the hotel can purchase tickets with the SkyPark Sands Observation Certificate, which offers 360-degree views without looking at the Singapore skyline. Dine at the Italian Restaurant & LAVO Rooftop Bar or at CIE LA VI, located at the top of the Sands SkyPark, and enjoy an incredible panoramic view of the Singapore skyline. After seeing the sky, which is the SkyPark, go to the ground when shopping, enjoying famous food and entertainment attractions await you in the rest of the integrated Marina Bay Sands option.

It includes panoramic views of Marina Bay and the magnificent cityscape of Singapore from the observation deck. Find a bird’s eye view of the Gardens in the Bay and super tree Grove, or the sea that runs from the South Quay Marina to the Singapore Canal.

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