Pretty Outdoor Places In Singapore Suited For Weddings

Weddings in the garden and the sea can be a dream come true for most people, but it seems to be out of the question. Weather is a major burden for the wedding to take place in outdoor, and it will be a disaster if it rains. Setups will be affected and you may even be fretting about it and lose focus during your wedding ceremony. So check the weather in advance as a rough gauge. Here are places for outdoor weddings in Singapore:

Burkill Hall, Singapore Botanic Gardens

Burkhill Hall is surrounded by an acre of vegetables and is a charismatic place to combine for knitting. Although only the two-story colonial bungalow can be a small guest speaker, it deny other areas of the Botanical Garden – Singapore – which can be useful when planning photocopies with virgins. Sailors and boyfriends. The site also let people to walk around and explore the space, and can help provide area for newly arrived guests. Regarding to restoration and decoration, the new police may present their experts, but keep in mind that the site has strict terms to which it must adhere.


There is no doubt that HortPark is one of the hidden treasures in Singapore. The 2 different parts are mainly Hort Lawn and Event Lawn. It’s design is meant for wedding to have guest speakers of about 350 to 500 in table seats. There are many power outlets found under shelters like trees around the laws and rest room. Other amenities can be located easily as well. To ensure the smooth running of the event, the authority only caterers from their list for the newly weds to choose from. As for décor, although couples to are free to engage the third parties. However, for bigger set ups like tents, you will need to engage the authority’s contractors.

Newly weds can also look for park or gardens and even beach to hold their outdoor weddings. But please remember to check if there are any restrictions or guidelines to follow. You do not want to get into trouble when its your wedding period and get stressed over this!

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