What To Look Out For During Fire Extinguisher Servicing

Fire extinguishers servicing is also important factor which is very helpful for log life of fire extinguishers. It should be carried our at least one in a year. In service of fire Extinguisher, there should be proper checking of corrosion and discharge. Specific service and recharging should be made regularly for service of fire extinguishers. If any extinguisher is unfit for use it should be removed from service as this can harm you in case of any fire incident.

There should be proper inspection of fire extinguishers like you have to see the proper place of safety pin and temper seal . you have to properly observed to see the location of needle in green area. operating instruction should be clearly seen . In discharge hose, there is properly looking of blockages by replacing the “o ” ring. In-Service of extinguisher there should weigh the extinguisher, if you feel lose of weight then you have to investigate the issue and you have to recharge the fire extinguishers and you can wipe down your extinguishers .wall mountings should also be observed before the replacing the appliance.

There is complete detail of activities of service of fire extinguishers

⦁        You should discharge the extinguisher

⦁        After discharge unscrew the head cap in a proper way

⦁        The internal body should be properly examined.

⦁        Water should be replace with clean water

⦁        O ‘ Rings should be replaced

⦁        Extinguishers should be refilled

⦁        Again refitting of head cap

⦁        Re pressure

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