The Skills That Distinguish A Good Event Photographer

Anybody can call themselves a photographer these days. However, excellent event photographers in Singapore are few and far between. After all, event photography is a lifelong trade; the more one commits themselves to it, the better their work will be. While events are very common in Singapore, there are few that make a living as a full-time photographer. These distinguished few set themselves apart from the rest with experience, well-honed photography skills and a knack for satisfying every client’s request. If you are still unsure of what a good event photographer in Singapore’s work may look like, here is a list of three tips to help you identify the best of the best.

Clear conversation with the client

All event photographers must do preparation work before the event. This work includes scouting the event venue for possible shot angles and having a clear conversation with the client. Knowing exactly what the client wants is key to ensuring all the required photos are taken. For instance, the client may require the photographer to take pictures of the Guest-of-Honour or the VIPs. The photographer would then need to know who these key people are and where they would be throughout the event period. While some clients can be very specific in what they require, others can be vaguer and expect the photographer to take creative direction. Whichever it is, the photographer should discuss how their services will be rendered so there will not be conflicts in the working relationship. Positive working relationships will certainly bring a photographer their good reputation in future events.

A large variety of shots

If the client is willing to let the photographer take some artistic liberty, one way to tell if a photographer is skilled would be the type of shots they take during the event. In photography, shots can create different effects and there would certainly be good types of shots for each item that the photographer wants to capture. Viewing the portfolio of the event photographer will provide a glimpse of their shots. Selecting an event photographer based on their individual aesthetic is certainly something that most event organisers do. If you are unsure where to find a photographer’s portfolio, you should email them for their portfolio or check out their website – it is likely that they would have some way to attract clients and so a website or social media profile showcasing their work would certainly be one of them. Trust your gut instinct when evaluating a photographer’s pictures!

Top notch photo editing skills

A great picture isn’t only about the shot taken. It is also about the editing work that comes after it. Each picture you see by professional photographers around the globe has been edited or touched up and a good event photographer will do the same. Pictures can be enhanced, brightened or tell deeper stories based on the way the photo editor calibrates the settings. It is easy to tell if a photo has not been retouched – simply look at the way the lighting pulls focus. If you can’t really tell a story from the image, you’re likely looking at an inexperienced photographer’s work.


Your search for a good event photographer will lead you through the many amazing photography talents in Singapore.

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