3 Useful Do It Yourself Termite Treatments To Try Out

It is tiring to finish the termite problem. Maybe you could find Singapore termite treatment, but it is better to try to treat it by yourself first. You have a chance to anticipate termite. Use a concrete foundation during construction. Make ventilation between wood and soil would be the first step to anticipate termites. Try to cover the wood surfaces with a metal barrier or a sealant is also a great idea. On the other hand, if you love something better and effective, try some treatments below.

1. Non-chemical treatments

Browse termite treatment from your search engine. Check what they use to treat termites. After you find it, try to do it yourself. To have non-chemical treatment, you could try a physical barrier method. Do it during construction. You also may perform steel mesh and sands or use biological control agents. Nematodes and fungi are effective in treating termites. Learn how to apply the control agents and make sure you do it right.

2. Chemical treatments

The common termite treatment comes from chemical agents. However, the amount should be saved to the environment and human health. One of the famous pesticides is termiticides. It is quite difficult to do it by yourself, especially the one that unregisters before. Termite treatment usually will combine it with another solution like the soil-applied barrier treatment. Be careful with the contamination of the surrounding area in the house. Therefore, it is not suggested to try it by yourself, except you already know the active ingredients in termiticides.

The better and safer tips for termite treatment is by several bait systems. A slow-acting insecticide is by cellulose baits. Termite baits common active ingredients are:

  • Hexaflumuron, as the first active ingredient is used as a part of the termite baiting system, termite monitoring, and termite inspection.
  • Hydramethylnon as the controller.
  • Diflubenzuron to inhibits insect development.
  • Noviflumuron to disrupts the activity and growth of termite.
  • Lufenuron as the regulator of insect growth.

3. Wood treatment

This is what you could do before finding termite treatment. Find borates and use it as a spray. Use it to protect the wood. It is usually used for new home construction.

Handle a termite infestation by yourself. All you have to do is choosing a pest control company carefully. Ask for its license if you really have to use its service. On the other hand, if you prefer to treat it alone and use pesticides, read the product label. Do not use a product with unclear information. Be careful of the returning of the treated residence. Each product has its own indication on its product labels. You have to know when to reenter the building after its application. It is good to handle by yourself, but if you think the risk is higher, call termite treatment. There is also a National Pesticide Information Center in Singapore. It helps you to send your complaint related to a pesticide misapplication. Choose the treatment you desire and write down its risks and benefits.

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