The 4 Qualities A Professional Photobooth Rental Should Have

If you’re searching for a way to keep guests occupied during your event, present them with a special custom-made memorabilia, or to have a constant stream of photos available to remember the event by, then a photo booth in Singapore is the perfect option for you. You can rent out these booths from a reputable vendor. While there are certainly a few great photo booth vendors, there are also some that may not meet your standards. Searching for the perfect photo booth vendor may initially seem like a wild goose chase. Luckily, there are a few things that you can always look out for when searching for and comparing different vendors. We have compiled the guaranteed tips to help you find the perfect photo booth rental service for your event.

  1. Rental period

The first thing you should consider is how long you want to rent the photo booth for. Will it last throughout the whole event? Or do you only need it for the last few hours? How many hours exactly will you need it for? Most photo booth rental services will allow you to be more cost-effective the longer you rent their photo booths for, whether it’s for two hours, four hours or six hours. For a small party, usually, 2 hours would be sufficient. However, for a grand celebration like a wedding, you can consider going all-out and renting it for six hours. Having a sense of your rental period will give you a rough gauge on the costs that a photo booth vendor may offer.

  1. Number of prints

What’s a photo booth without printouts of all the photos? The number of prints that you get for your money is also incredibly important. Some vendors stipulate a certain number of printouts that they would be willing to give for free and will charge extra if guests exceed that quota. For the best photo booth experience, we suggest hiring a vendor that allow an unlimited number of pictures to be taken. That way, you’ll never have to worry about exceeding your budget.

  1. Portfolio of photo booth service

The portfolio of your instant photo booth vendor is incredibly important in allowing you to ensure that you hire a quality photo booth service. When researching your potential vendor, you should look at their previous clients. The portfolio will give you a hint at their credibility. For instance, if the photo booth rental service has been hired by large government or multi-national organisations, then they are likely to be a professional one. You should also look at the photos that they have previously taken. If the photo is of good quality – is taken in good lighting, is in focus and features stunning backdrops – then you’ve likely found a good vendor.

  1. Other services

Some photo booths provide services such as instant live streaming, posting a digital album on social media and custom printout designs. If any of these value-added sounds like it could be useful to you, you should look out for them! Of course, the best photo booth would have all these ready for any client.


The search for the perfect photo booth vendor may require a bit of effort, but ultimately you’ll be incredibly satisfied that you have found the perfect photo booth solution for your event.

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