4 Party Themes To Go For When Planning Your Next Party

For a successful and memorable party, whether it is a birthday, a wedding or baby shower – you need proper planning. Right from arranging food or caterer to the venue, preparing the guest list and the menu – the list is long and never-ending.

But the icing on the cake is if your theme is unique and unforgettable. The real fun is when people who attended the party share their tremendous experience within their group of friends.

So, here are some classic yet trendy themes which can make your party outstanding and them a notch above normal routine parties!

Retro theme

This theme is all about a blast from the past, where decoration, music, clothing and ambience, all reflect the good old times. Your DJ will play an important role in choosing the right kind of music that will go well with the theme. This is the best theme for 70’s fashion to come out, and for the guests to dance and cherish the golden old days with a smile on their face.

For you to start on this theme, you’ll need a spacious space for the dancefloor, sound equipment, catering and party décor. The best way to do that is by arranging for an event space rental fitting of all the necessary preparations. We have the cheapest self storages ranging from 50 sq ft to 18,000 sq ft, perfect for all kinds of occasions and events such as birthday parties, small baby shower venues, wedding reception, solemnization and more.

Superhero theme

Everyone wants to save the world! This is the most loved theme among kids and adults. There is a superhero within each one of us, and here, we get the chance to see superheroes and villains in these parties.

While the kids can fulfil their dream to save their friends and fight with villains, grown-ups can let their inner superhero come out. We can capture the action and real drama adventure fun in the party and make many memories out it.

Floral theme

Perfect for baby showers, birthday celebrations or even wedding solemnizations – this theme is a favourite among any type of party! Spruce up the interior with lovely flowers and floral patterns to beautify the party décor. You could explore the different flower arrangements and make the arrangement on your own, or you could also invite an expert to have it done.

Either way, you want everything to look as beautiful as possible. Throw in a flower wall backdrop, vases with flowers for the dining tables, floral utensils and dishes and anything floral-related. For this reality to become possible, you’ll need a space which allows your ideas to come to life without any sort of restrictions. For example, a self storage lets you burst with creativity and incorporate all your ideas and plans. And when it comes to food catering, it’s up to you to whip up some delicious baked treats or to get your favourite caterer to handle the spread.

Cowboy theme

It’s time to go old-school and westernise your party. It’s a unique theme where guests get to wear the cowboy-style attire like boot cut jeans and classic shirts with big belts, boots and cowboy hats and toy guns.

Aside from attire, activities and party décor plays a huge role in this type of party. Have a pinata filled with delicious goodies the birthday girl or boy loves, or bring in horse riding sticks so the kids get to have a little competition! There’s a lot of ideas for this particular theme but you can also come up with some of your own to make the occasion extra special. With the right décor and games, this theme is bound to impress one and all.

These are just some out of the many unique and trending ideas which will entertain your guests. Incorporate a theme into your party, get ready the preparations early on and your party will be one to remember for sure!

With some of the cheapest self-storages in Singapore, we provide event space rental at daily rates of $50 up to $3,697 so you can find the perfect space to fit your budget. All of our self-storages also come with facilities like air conditioning, ample lighting, electricity (power sockets) and amenities such as 24-hour accessibility, parking lots and loading bays. All these will help to meet your event needs and smoothen the party planning process easily, regardless of whether you are searching for a budget solemnization venue or a birthday party location. Under our parent company, LHN Group, larger unit rentals are available for both office and warehouse in industrial and commercial spaces across 38 establishments in Singapore.

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