How Your Kitchen Layout Reflects Your Weight Loss Journey

We’ve talked about how foods and your lifestyle have an impact on your weight loss journey but do you know that your environment plays a significant part as well?  You may be wondering how your kitchen designs have anything to do with your weight loss journey, but truth be told, it has a great amount of potential. Have you ever walked into your kitchen with no plans of eating anything, but you suddenly find yourself walking out with a packet of chips at your hand? Your kitchen layout and organisation may have a more significant influence on your diet than you think it would.

More families are cooking and eating at home, especially now due to the global pandemic. Eating out every day is not financially sustainable and when you’re spending more time at the kitchen, naturally, there should be more consideration given to your kitchen organisation.

If your goal is to lose weight, then your kitchen design should also reflect your conscious decision to stick to healthy meals. It’s time to include your kitchen layout into your weight loss program.

Display Fruits

Since fruits are one of the important parts of weight loss, it is good you keep fruits at arm’s length so you can reach them when you crave snacks or something to munch on. Get a fruit bowl or a pie plate, lay fruits such as banana, apple, pear, oranges and mangoes on the kitchen island or the countertop where you can easily reach them. Not only are they a healthy alternative to your regular chips, but they also give your kitchen an amazing pop of colour!

Sets of Measuring Items

If you’re cooking in the kitchen often, one of the essential kitchen utensils you’ll need to always have at hand is a set of measuring items. An effective way to shed those pounds is simply portion control. The first step to making a change is being aware of what you’ve been putting in your body, and how much! With a measuring tool, it’ll be easier to maintain a healthy level of consumption that your body needs.

Rearrange Your Food Store

Make a conscious effort to arrange your pantry in such a way that healthy food stays in front while omitting those that won’t do you any good. Keep unhealthy snacks out of sight as much as possible. As the adage goes: out of sight, out of mind.

Get Your Healthy Alternatives

On that note, take this opportunity to replace your unhealthy ingredients and foods with their healthy alternatives. It’s time to say goodbye to your chocolates, candies and chips! Try your best not to include sodas and soft drinks too, as they contain nothing but empty calories and sugar.

Of course, doing so does not mean you can’t have any of these foods whilst you try to lose weight. But the fact remains, the less you have them, the better it’d be for you. Thus, limit your consumption as much as you can.

Your kitchen is only a small part of a successful weight loss journey, but the effects it has is undoubtedly significant. The bigger aspects you need to look into are the fundamental factors that we’ve talked about previously: the types of food you’re consuming, regular physical activities and a healthy sleeping schedule. Otherwise, you may want to consider opting for weight loss treatments such as TCM slimming treatment to help you get a head start and at the same time, improve your well-being.

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