Treat Acne Scars Right With Subcision Acne Scars Treatment

The scars on the skin caused by acne, are linked to internal channels that form sags in the skin. These channels can remain under the skin permanently. However, with proper treatment, the aesthetic appearance can be improved. Not all treatments are the indicated.

There are treatments that only seek to give uniformity to the skin without treating the problem from the root. Subcision acne scars treatment is the ideal treatment to confront skin subsidence. This process is accomplished in a short period of time. Subcision is a medical surgery that leaves no visible marks on the skin. It consists of cutting the sinking channel that generates the marks on the skin.

The rupture of the channels is achieved with a Nokor Needle that is inserted into the skin. The effect that the movement of the Nokor Needle creates with the cuts generates the blood flow. The appearance of blood is beneficial, as it stimulates the organic healing process.

To avoid pain, any anesthesiologist product can be applied. The most used is in cream. Once the channels are cut, in a few days, the sinkings begin to disappear. The skin is paired again little by little.

The subcision leaves internal scars, nothing aesthetically noticeable. This results in internal collagen confinement. Collagen aids in skin lifting. The results achieved by the subcision are permanent. The use of additional treatment will only be required if the skin lesion is very serious.

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