Host A Boat Party And Take Celebrations To The Next Level

Impressing your guests is as easy as hosting a fun and exciting party on a boat. No matter what the occasion, it’s worth celebrating by gathering all your favourite people on a watercraft and having a fun night.

There are quite a few differences between an on-water party versus one on land. It’s therefore important that you thoroughly prepare and have everything at hand. After all, you’ll be cruising by the waters the entire time so heading back to the land to restock any goodies is not a possible option.

So, to help ensure you’ve got everything checked out on your list, all the necessities on hand, and to perk up the trip – here are a few handy tips!

Boat size

If you already own your own boat, you’ll know how many guests can fit onto it. However, if private yacht charters are what you’re planning to go for – you will have to consider the options available.

To make things easier, contact a yacht charter company such as ourselves, and consult us to find out how many passengers a boat can take!

You wouldn’t want to end up cramming too many people into a small on-deck space. So, keep the guest list equivalent to the space available.


Guests should be prepared for an on-water experience. If you are driving in an area where you can jump into the water and cool down, your guests need to know in advance that they should pack dry clothes and bathing suits.

Check with your chosen yacht charter company whether you’ll be in spots that guests can enjoy the water. Make sure that all your guests are on-time; then you can start the party right away!

Pick a theme

Even if a theme isn’t required, it can add fun to the event.

Especially if you’re planning to host a yacht birthday party – it will be sure to jazz up the party and excite the guests even more.

Choose fun water themes like Pirates, Under-the-Sea, or Navy Seals. This will also help when choosing décor!

Food and catering

You don’t have to prepare food that’s too complicated. A simple onboard barbecue with burgers and fresh fruit platters are great alternatives to complex food buffets.

At the same time, have a cooler on-hand with ice and refreshments (alcoholic and non-alcoholic). You can never have too many drinks, especially if you’ll be cruising around on a hot summer’s day.

Make sure that you have enough food for everyone. You won’t be able to run to the shops when you run out.


You might enjoy the sun’s light throughout the day, but when the boat party moves into the night, you’re going to need some extra lighting. It can get quite dark in the middle of the waters.

However, do remember to avoid torches and candles; instead, do set up fairy lights and battery-powered lanterns before the event.


Music truly makes the world go round – whether you want an onboard life band or to hook up some speakers for a DJ.

Nothing beats having classy tunes to sing and dance along to.

You could choose to bring in waterproof speakers if you’re afraid of any water coming into contact with your speakers. This will ensure that your speakers are completely safe and sound – so, go ahead and turn up the music!


Safety should be your number one priority, especially if you’ll be serving alcoholic beverages.

Have emergency kits freely available as well as floatation devices, life jackets, first aid kits, and whistles. Such precautionary measures are necessary for ensuring that accidents can be minimised or completely avoided as a whole.

Be creative, careful, and adventurous when hosting a boat party. It will definitely be the talk of the town for months to come!

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