Learning Mandarin: What You Should Know To Ace Your Classes

If you have decided to learn a new language, why not learn Mandarin? Not only is Mandarin one of the most spoken languages in the world, but it offers many new avenues to explore culture, tradition and more!

Should you choose to enrol in a Mandarin course in Singapore, then here are 3 crucial tips you should know to ace your Mandarin classes!

1. Read the syllabus beforehand

While it might seem simple and obvious, reading the syllabus before class can give you an overview of what to expect from the course. After all, the syllabus is meant to be your guide for the entire semester. You should look through it thoroughly so that you can prepare yourself before classes commence.

The syllabus is also vital in helping you to answer any questions you might have about your class schedule. For instance, what are the concepts or topics to be learnt for the upcoming week? What is the duration of the classes? What time do the classes start? The syllabus offers you all the critical information you need right at your fingertips.

2. Note the important deadlines

While learning Mandarin, it is easy to let deadlines creep up on you without you knowing. If you are not prepared, these deadlines may even pass you by! During class, you should be responsible for your own education and learning. Thus, always keep up-to-date about the important deadlines in your course, such as assignments, homework submissions, lectures, group work, and others.

You should find the most effective way of remembering these deadlines. For instance, if you use your phone frequently, you can set early reminders on deadlines so that you will always know if you are running late on an assignment. If you are on your computer regularly, then you can opt for a planner or a calendar app to ensure you never miss another deadline again.

Deadlines are important, especially if you are taking multiple classes and you are overwhelmed with what you need to do.

3. Always ask questions

No matter what language you are learning, there will be times where you may not understand certain concepts or topics that are integral to the language. In such cases, the best way you can learn is to ask questions regularly. For instance, while learning Mandarin, you may come across certain characters, words or sentences that you may not be familiar with. This is where seeking help from your tutors and asking questions can ensure that you find the answers that you need!

Whenever you find something that you may not understand, do not be afraid to ask your tutor about questions on topics that you may not understand. Their job is to ensure that you can learn Mandarin well and answer any relevant questions that you may have during the course. As such, always seek your tutors for help should you need clarification!

Learning Mandarin may not be easy, but with guidance and support, you too can speak and write Mandarin fluently! With these essential tips above, you will be able to learn Mandarin effectively and ensure that you will do well for your next class!

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